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Jul 3, 2012

FTM's 4th Birthday Edition Country Day Part 1

Thursday will mark Farce the Music's 4th birthday. Since I know few of you will be at work Thursday and thus won't have much time to waste looking at FTM, I thought we'd celebrate today! Here's the first part of a day-long edition of Country Day Parody Album Covers.

Feb 1, 2012

Country Doppelgangers: Feb '11

Keifer Thompson of Thompson Square and Christian rocker Toby Mac.

Hunter Hayes and Neil Patrick Harris.

Big Kenny and a young Billy Joe Shaver. Blasphemy?

No question on this one. The Civil Wars John Paul White and Johnny Depp.

Country rapper Big Smo could be MMA fighter Butterbean's brother.

Country newcomer Andy Gibson and supermodel Cindy Crawford. Yep, he's pretty.

Child bride/supposed country singer Courtney Stodden reminds me a lot of Madame.

Dec 1, 2011

Top Ten Shortest Books by Country Artists III

10. Shit That Worries Me - Willie Nelson

09. Good Times With Mike - Tim McGraw

08. How To Have Fun on a Sunday Night Without Watching a UFC Pay-Per-View - Brantley Gilbert

07. Artists Not Eligible for Best New Artist Award - Country Music Association

06. How Not to Sully Your Legacy - Hank Williams Jr.

05. Sane, Sober, Lucid Days - Mindy McCready

04. How Many F*cks I Give - Billy Joe Shaver

03. Stuff I Actually Know About Girls - Scotty McCreery

01. Items I Can Reach on the Top Shelf - Justin Moore

Nov 28, 2011

5 Albums You Probably Missed But Shouldn't Have

by Kelcy Salisbury

I'm sure everyone has at least one favorite "obscure" album, whether it's a little known effort by a well-known artist or the masterpiece album of their favorite underground band. Here are five relatively unknown albums that should be in your collection, in no particular order.

1) Billy Joe Shaver - Tramp On Your Street
Billy Joe's songwriting is in fine form here with versions of Georgia On a Fast Train & Live Forever included along with When The Fallen Angels Fly, a hauntingly personal heartbreaking story with a seed of hope included, and the autobiographical title track. What really makes this album the crown jewel of Shaver's discography is the blazing guitar work of his son, Eddy Shaver. Eddy Shaver was one of the great guitar players of his generation, who tragically died much too young. If you want to hear him at the height of his powers take a listen to this one.

2) Corb Lund & The Hurtin' Albertans - Hair In My Eyes Like A Highland Steer
Chris LeDoux's strong western sensibilities and sense of humor meet strong musicianship and perfectly suited vocals to the subject matter. Highlights are Ian Tyson's turn on The Rodeo's Over, and the raucous romp of Good Copenhagen.

3) High On Fire - Surrounded By Thieves
Sludge Metal masters churn out 8 of their heaviest tunes in front of a live crowd (given the title maybe they should have recorded in a prison). The energy of the live performance surpasses their studio efforts, in my opinion. Standout tracks are Hung, Drawn and Quartered along with The Yeti but this is as album that needs to be listened to straight through.

4) Black Lab - Passion Leaves A Trace
90s rock fans may recall Black Lab hitting the charts in the late 90s with Wash It Away & Time Ago from their standout album Your Body Above Me. What you may not realize is that they are still around and making good music. They may have been mislabeled in the 90s post-grunge movement, thus they weren't the easiest band to market, making them another casualty of the downturn of the music business. Regardless, Passion Leaves A Trace features strong lyrics over mostly shimmery Bowie influenced arrangements. Essential tracks are Ghost In Your Mind & Pictures of People.

5) Reckless Kelly - Bulletproof
This may be the most well known album on this list, but it's also such a great album that I felt I HAD to include it. There are a few albums that come out each year (if we're lucky at least) that are so good, regardless of genre, that it should be mandatory that anyone who claims to love good music own them. This is such an album. Again, it should be listened to as a whole, but if you're so broke you can only buy a few songs pick up Ragged As The Road, American Blood, How Was California, Mirage, and Godforsaken Town. If Godforsaken Town doesn't tug at your heartstrings you are not human.

Hopefully you haven't heard of at least one of these albums and you'll find something in here to enjoy. Until next time.

Sep 8, 2010

Top 10 Ways to Liven Up the Americana Music Awards

The Americana Music Awards show is this Thursday, and while I'm certain it will a fine event, FTM has a few suggestions to make the proceedings a little more exciting!

10. During Ray Wylie Hubbard's set - the return of Soy Bomb

09. New category: Best Thrash Americana Album

08. Only serve moonshine at the festivities

07. Let Billy Joe Shaver host the show ...without a script

06. Dress code: Affliction, True Religion and Ed Hardy apparel only

05. Those Darlins vs. The Be Good Tanyas in a mud wrestling match

04. Invite Jason Aldean, seat him between Drive-by Truckers and The Felice Brothers

03. AMA's Drinking Game - Take a shot every time someone sings something dry or melancholy.

02. Co-presenters: Jeff Tweedy - Jay Farrar

01. Shocking kiss between Lucinda Williams and Neko Case

Sep 6, 2010

Texas Day 4

Thanks to uh... somebody (sorry, it's been so long I forgot who), for the idea for the Mark Chesnutt cover.


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