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Apr 10, 2024

Overly Politically Correct Americana Songs


Colonizer House Road - Tyler Childers

Tulsa Female-Bodied Monarch - Emmylou Harris

Oklahoman Offspring - Zach Bryan

Fortune Favors the Privileged - 49 Winchester

Person’s Companion Animal - 49 Winchester

Sex Work Managers and Religious Leaders - Paul Thorn

Satisfied Person With a Uterus Depressive Episode - Lucinda Williams

Transgender Ramblin’ Railroad Blues - Colter Wall

Call a Spade a Spade - Turnpike Troubadours

Squatter - Turnpike Troubadours

Same Manufactured Home, Different Manufactured Home Community (Album) - Kacey Musgraves

Disenfranchised Folx - Flatland Cavalry

Visually Appealing CIS Females - Flatland Cavalry

Aged Male-Bodied Person - Neil Young and Mentally Challenged Horse

Unaliving-Prone Saturday Night - Arlo McKinley

Life of Transgressions Toward an Imaginary Sky Deity - Sturgill Simpson

Long Caucasian Line - Sturgill Simpson

I’d Have to Be Atypical - Sturgill Simpson

I Had a Real Good Gestational and Non-Gestational Parent - Gillian Welch

Likely Christian-Nationalist CIS Woman - The Red Clay Strays

Apr 26, 2018

Borat Country Reaction Gifs

You think Florida-Georgia Line sucks too?!?

Country radio exec:

*sees Paul Thorn in public*
Me: Try not to say something stupid...

Me: I don't like to dance
*Jo-El Sonnier song comes on*

When Jason Aldean puts out a good song with Miranda Lambert

Chris Stapleton had the second most added song at country radio this week!

When the car beside you is playing Kane Brown

The new John Prine album is nice, huh?

When your passenger says they're tired of listening to Merle

Still more country than Sam Hunt

Feb 20, 2018

Top 10 Biggest Jerks in Americana Music

Some would imagine that the fan-friendly, honest Americana music scene would not be as likely to contain divas and d-bags as the more mainstream genres of music. However, thanks to critic and hipster love for the buzzworthy genre, things have changed of late. This groundswell has slowly created a context wherein all manner of unlikely aspirants are more apt to let their jerk flag fly. Here are some of the genre's most egregious offenders.

10. Brent Cobb
"Forgets" to invite cousin Dave to family functions
Band members only allowed to speak to him by text message

9. Rhiannon Giddens
Borrows band members' phones and logs out of everything
Once put a fan who accidentally called her 'Rihanna' in a triangle choke submission hold

8. Amanda Shires
Wouldn't speak to husband, Jason, for a month when he opposed the name "Taco Lucinda" for their daughter
Performed an entire show of Rob Thomas covers when one crowd was smaller than anticipated

7. Rob Baird
Always eats the middle cinnamon roll out of the pan first
Spends hours a day leaving 1 star iTunes reviews on other Americana artists
Will only autograph thongs

6. Shooter Jennings
Puffs, doesn't pass
Got a secret tip and sold all his Bitcoin to Marilyn Manson just before Bitcoin crashed
Plans to do an all-EDM tour later this year

5. Ward Davis
Secretly bullies Cody Jinks
Still says "Dilly Dilly!"
Keeps telling everybody new music is coming "soon" but it never does

4. Holly Williams
First person to ingest a Tide Pod on video
Can only name 3 Hank Sr. songs
Drives 10 mph below speed limit in left lane

3. Drew Kennedy
Never cleans stations in the gym after using them
Doesn't wash out the sink after beard grooming
Tour rider includes "organic kale candy" and "fitted hemp Phillies cap"

2. Courtney Patton
Spreads rumors about Jamie Lin Wilson on Snapchat
Tells dirty jokes at funerals
Vapes dill pickle flavor at songwriting sessions

1. Paul Thorn
Does the old "replace the vodka with water" trick on his tour bus
Constantly reminds fans he used to be a boxer
Never plays his top 5 songs on Spotify in concert
Always has a few credit card skimmers on hand

Feb 23, 2016

The Outlaw Country Cruise: Drinking, Singing, and Beards

The Outlaw Country Cruise: Drinking, Singing, and Beards
by Jeremy Harris

When I first heard about The Outlaw Country Cruise I was beyond excited. The lineup was in its infancy at the time and preorders hadn't started yet, but my wife and I knew we were going. As time passed the lineup grew and even had a substitution at one time. When the time came, we were loaded up and ready to spend 20+ hours in the car heading south. Ok, maybe that last part sucked. Once there though, that would change. 

Black Oak Arkansas
Once on board it was time for buffet trip number 1 then off to show number 1. While still docked, Sarah Gayle Meech started things off with her honky-tonk stylings. After her set there was a short break then the launch party began. Weeks before the cruise, some people were debating about whether Sixth Man, who runs the cruise, had make a good decision by selecting The Mavericks to play during this time. It didn't take long to figure out not only was this a good decision, but it was the perfect decision. Who couldn't been better to set the standard and provide the energy to leave Miami better than The Mavericks? Nobody, that's who. 

After the sail away party things pretty well flowed as numerous shows took place with sometimes five shows going on at once in different areas. The hardest part about this entire vacation was picking where to be and how long you could be there until it was time to head to the next show. With so many different bands playing there was always something I wanted to see. 

Nikki Lane
Like… Blackberry Smoke playing an acoustic set with special guests of every act knowing the words to Snake Farm. I'm convinced Ray Wylie Hubbard is very similar to Beetlejuice but instead of having to say his name three times to get him to appear, you say it once then hit the first two chords of Snake Farm. Boom, Ray appears! I heard him at least 5 times doing the song with numerous bands and I wish it would've happened 50 more times. Ray wasn't the only one making special appearances. Hell he wasn't the only one coming up for Snake Farm. He joined Paul Thorn and Waymore's Outlaws (with Shooter Jennings) during one of the best shows of the trip. Roger Alan Wade jumped up and performed a heart-felt version of the Waylon classic "You Asked Me To" and Jesse Dayton also joined in on this show. My god, what a talent. Not only a great song writer, but it'd be hard to find a better guitar player and when he sings George Jones. Damn! Some artists who weren't even booked on the cruise popped in for performances. Jonathan Tyler joining The Band of Heathens was a great surprise. 

Ray Wylie Hubbard with Band of Heathens

Several weeks before the cruise, Sixth Man had sign ups for many on cruise activities with limited area available. These included Battle Shots, best beard contest, and listener's lounge interviews with SiriusXM hosts among other great events. The main reason I'm highlighting these events is because these are the ones I participated in. Battle Shots was a no-brainer. A modified version of Battleship where every hit you received results in you taking a shot. The game was played tournament style and on a boat where drinks are very expensive, free drinks are a bonus. Teams were comprised of five players so my wife, my brother in law and myself teamed up with two of London's finest players, Ben and Lucy. Not only did we get about 20 free shots each during gameplay, we won that son of a bitch. What's the reward for winning you ask? A free margarita poured and placed in you hand at that exact moment you think you can't drink another drop, a 'golden' cup, and a $30 gift certificate per player for the artist merch store. Not a bad deal. Shortly after Battle Shots was the best beard contest. I had been asked earlier to enter but I'm not one of those guys that has a beard to be cool. I'm just lazy and don't like shaving. For some reason while drinking numerous shots and getting three invites from Sixth Man staffers during this time it seemed like a great idea. 

Elizabeth Cook
Best beard was judged by Sarah Gayle Meech, Rosie Flores and Elizabeth Cook. When each contestant went on stage they were asked for their name and where they were from. I've been on cruises before and I know what reaction Ohio people get. Always one idiot who yells out "O-H" and many other idiots who finish it. Not gonna happen this time. "Hi, I'm Jeremy from southern Ohio and Ohio State fucking sucks!" Guess what.... Rosie Flores is an Ohio State fan. I received her lowest score to that point. I was the 12th person up and she wasn't helping. Sarah and Elizabeth came through for me with respective scores of 9 & 10 for a total score of 27 out of 33. Elizabeth described me as a "party in the front and a party in the back, which led to a drunken turn around. 

Shooter Jennings with Waymore's Outlaws

Blackberry Smoke
In the two listener's lounge events my wife and I attended, we were treated to great happenings. In one show we saw Mojo Nixon interview Jim Dandy from Black Oak Arkansas. These were supposed to be interviews with some acoustic performances. Jim Dandy was so long winded that Mojo barely could speak and only got three questions in during the hour. It was funny watching Mojo squirm trying to get a word in. The other we attended featured Steve Earle interviewing and backing up vocally for Lucinda Williams. What a rare treat to witness this and to hear acoustic versions of songs from her latest album. 

You can watch some of the videos Jeremy took here:

Sep 24, 2014

Paul Thorn Live: Don't Let Nobody Rob You of Your Joy

From his new album, Too Blessed to Be Stressed, here's Paul Thorn performing "Don't Let Nobody Rob You of Your Joy."

Apr 23, 2013

YouTube Gems: Paul Thorn

From his 1999 album, Ain't Love Strange, here's Paul Thorn with "Where Was I?"

May 25, 2012

10 Best Songs of 2012 So Far

Arliss Nancy - 40's (I can't find anywhere for you to listen to this yet, but trust me... it's about drinking 40's by the shore... it's awesome)

Mar 7, 2012

Favorite Songs of 2012 So Far

Some of these haven't been released just yet, but Lucero, Delta Spirit and Shooter Jennings all come out next Tuesday. Paul Thorn's new album of cover songs, What the Hell is Goin' On?, is due for release May 8th.

These are in no particular order of preference, though my early fave is "Dance in the Darkness."

Click to read...

Jun 7, 2011

Paul Thorn Concert Review

I wrote this for American Noise a month or so ago, but since that site is currently indisposed, I thought I'd go ahead and post it here.

Paul Thorn - Beale Street Music Festival

Paul Thorn and his band played an early Saturday afternoon set at the Beale Street Music Festival in Memphis, but that didn't stop him from putting on an entertaining and spirited show for his appreciative crowd. Amidst intermittent showers and with a backdrop of a flood-bound Mississippi River, Thorn sang crowd favorites and selections from his recent critically acclaimed Pimps and Preachers album.

I think this is where I'm required by law to describe Paul as a former professional boxer from Tupelo, MS turned singer/songwriter whose dad is a preacher. These facts aren't required to qualify the strength of Thorn's music, but they certainly inform every aspect of his artistry.

First of all he thanked the adoring fans for braving the elements before stating his sincere awe at opening for rock n' roll legend Jerry Lee Lewis. Humility that real is not a trait shared by many artists of Paul's talent.

Leading off with "You're Not the Only One," Thorn and band confidently strode through a set that infused rock, country, folk and funny, keeping the audience fully enthralled for the full hour and a half of allotted time.

Before performing "Time Changes Everything," Paul gave us a nugget of the homespun humor that he's so known for. The gist of the comment was that women have it easy because they can get a man regardless of their employment status. Unfortunately, "Men, if you're broke and ugly, you're out of luck."

Later on he informed us that he didn't hold much ill will from previous break-ups and that if he saw his ex on the side of the road with a flat, he'd happily wave when he drove by. This led into my favorite tune of his, "Love Scar," the tale of a prematurely purchased tattoo with the near-perfect chorus: "He said If I could be a tear rolling down your cheek and die on your lips, my life would be complete/The words that he said really hit her in the heart, so now she's walkin' round with a love scar."

The remainder of the show included sing-alongs like "Rise Up," "I Have a Good Day" and "I Don't Like Half the Folks I Love," with Paul and his musicians sounding soulful and tight in the late-spring warmth and the wafting scent of barbecue.

"I knew this thing was getting big today when John Mellencamp's wardrobe person ironed my shirt… man, we're blowing up!" joked Paul, mid-set, coming off like a drawling, less-verbose Todd Snider.

A couple songs later, and several songs abridged of what the crowd would have preferred, Thorn and company ended the set with a rollicking, soul-reviving take on "Mission Temple Fireworks Stand," leaving us all wanting more.

Even before my first time seeing him live, there wasn't another singer I'd rather share a song, a beer and a conversation with than Paul Thorn and he lived up to that expectation and then some.

Set List:
You're Not the Only One
Weeds in the Roses
Are You With Me?
Time Changes Everything
Love Scar
Living in Sin
Rise Up
Pimps and Preachers
That's Life
I Have a Good Day
A Lot of Good Reasons
I Don't Like Half the Folks I Love
Lovers' Vacation
Mission Temple Fireworks Stand


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