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May 24, 2016

Hey Songwriters! Real Nashville Pitch Sheet!

Pitch sheets (tip sheets) tell songwriters which labels and artists are looking for songs to cut and what type of songs they are seeking. Here's the latest one making the rounds. You're welcome!*


*not real

May 7, 2013

Little Known Facts: May '13

LL Cool J's next single will be titled "Accidental Sellout".

Justin Moore only wears a cowboy hat for one reason. To protect his soft spot.

If you stare into a mirror and repeat "Little Debbie" three times, Gary Levox will appear.

The Brantley Gilbert fact for this month has been edited out by Trailer due to not being offensive enough.

The only two boobs in music bigger than those belonging to Dolly Parton 
are the two singing in Florida Georgia Line.

Curb Records is no longer adding new artists to its roster, only lawyers.

While has been accused of hacking one time, is accused of being written by hacks daily.

94% of all Robert Earl Reed music that is purchased is by people 
attempting to buy a Robert Earl Keen album.

Travis Tritt still receives counseling due to his emotional scars from an early 90's feud with Billy Ray Cyrus.

The Zac Brown Band's tour bus sleeps 20. The remaining band members usually get a hotel.

The reward for taking a picture of Jamey Johnson crying in public 
is you get beaten to death by Jamey Johnson.

Thanks to Jeremy Harris for most of these.

Dec 1, 2011

Top Ten Shortest Books by Country Artists III

10. Shit That Worries Me - Willie Nelson

09. Good Times With Mike - Tim McGraw

08. How To Have Fun on a Sunday Night Without Watching a UFC Pay-Per-View - Brantley Gilbert

07. Artists Not Eligible for Best New Artist Award - Country Music Association

06. How Not to Sully Your Legacy - Hank Williams Jr.

05. Sane, Sober, Lucid Days - Mindy McCready

04. How Many F*cks I Give - Billy Joe Shaver

03. Stuff I Actually Know About Girls - Scotty McCreery

01. Items I Can Reach on the Top Shelf - Justin Moore

Mike Curb is a Tool

After reading this article, I applied the honesty filter in Photoshop to this old Mike Curb Congregation album cover.


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