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Nov 24, 2021

WKRP in Cincinnati Country Reaction Gifs

Tell me you're not country as f 

without saying you're not country as f


My brain after months of "Fancy Like" commercials

Life with you makes perfect sense,
you're my best friend

When you see some redneck mothers

When Herb asks you out to a Luke Bryan concert

When Travis suggests playing mainstream country radio in the breakroom

Trying to get out of a conversation with a Kane Brown fan

What happens when you play Florida-Georgia Line in a large crowd

May 2, 2019

Chris Farley Country Reaction Gifs

♫ Don't it make you wanna dance? 

When somebody says Whitey Morgan is overrated and you have a 2x4 in your hand

"Trap beats are the future of country music"

Chris Farley being an Americana songwriter's muse

When the kids on your bus keep singing "Old Town Road"

Did you hear Chris Knight will have a new album this fall?

When Lynyrd Skynrd's farewell tour is over...

When the radio station plays Cody Johnson... then follows it up with Thomas Rhett

Mar 8, 2018

Ace Ventura Country Reaction Gifs

Average mainstream country executive giving an interview

This, but for your ears when you hear
a Walker Hayes song

Doesn't matter what car you drive.
If Waylon's playing, you're cool.

If Dallas Moore is playing downtown...

"Genres don't matter anymore, but I can call 
this country music if I want to..."

If "Sangria Wine" comes on at the party

Just scored Cody Jinks tickets

Almost as creepy as Old Dominion

Jan 18, 2018

The Office Country Reaction Gifs 2

Do you like Mitchell Tenpenny's song, "Bitches?"

Why don't you listen to Walker Hayes?

Reading Bobby Bones' Tweets

What's your reaction when I say....
Gary Levox

Me listening to somebody talk about 
their love of Sam Hunt
in real life and trying not to go 
all "that's not country" blogger on them

Why don't you listen to mainstream country radio?

If you still have truck nutz in 2018

 Up against the wall redneck mother 


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