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Jul 16, 2021

What is Aaron Lewis Doing in This Picture?


Scanning the south Texas horizon for immigrants

Remembering how bad he f***ed up the National Anthem

Hunting relevance

Being on the outside, but he’s looking in

Looking for Fred Durst’s career

On training mission for a militia he just joined, but he’s pretty sure they just dumped in him the wilderness

Thinking of a line to rhyme with “Biden ain’t my President”

Taking a short rest because it’s hard work carrying around all that anger

Pondering what a collaboration with Ricky Skaggs would sound like

Searching for missing Arizona ballots

Testing out his new pattern called Qamouflage

Looking for the missing “e” in his band’s name

Hiding out from hitmen hired by Bruce Springsteen

Ticking off another box on his “country cred” card

Jul 8, 2014

We Are Bro Country

We Are Bro-Country
(Lyric parody of Hank Jr's "Young Country")

We are bro-country, we are bad ass
Illegitimate children of inbred white trash
Our hair might be faux-hawked, jeans glittered and spiked
We know how to get drunk and go lookin' for fights 

We know what's tight, glass pack exhaust
And if you don't like it, I'll punch you, boss
We name drop the old stuff, but we only like new
And we do our own rappin', blue jean booty slappin'
If you're offended, F you

We are bro country, we ain't too bright
Our music and lifestyles, are big piles of shite
We don't have diplomas, or shirts that fit right
but we know how to bang skanks come Saturday night 

We like Eminem, we get faded to EDM
We like Lil Wayne and Jay-Z and T-Pain
Old Hank would be sick, wait who is old Hank?
We like our country mixed with hip-hop and stank

We are bro-country, we have no pride
Except in our bench press and sweet jacked up rides
Kid Rock would be proud and Fred Durst give props
'cause we like our country with drum loops and bass drops
We like to smoke bowls, we like to roll coal
Don't like it? F u!

Jun 25, 2011

YouTube Junk: Limp Bizkit

Yep, they're back and nothing's changed. Watch this only to laugh at the (possibly intentional but probably not) self-parodying nature of the video and marvel at the utterly hookless mess of a song. Worst Comeback of the Year? Probably.

Aug 19, 2010

Top Ten Comebacks We’d Prefer Over Limp Bitzkit's

The godfathers of douche rock, Limp Bizkit, have returned with a new tour this year and a new album coming out soon, to no one's excitement. Here are a few comebacks FTM would prefer to Durst and company's.

8. Cookies & Cream Hershey Bars

7. The metric system

5. Yuppies

3. GeoCities/Angelfire websites

1. Pluto (the planetoid)


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