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Jun 21, 2019

Farce the Music's Top 20 Songs of 2019: 1st Half Report

Here are Trailer’s Top 20 Songs of 2019 so far. No rankings (till the end of the year). No summaries or explanations. Just know they’re good and give ‘em a listen!

Sturgill Simpson - The Dead Don’t Die

Liz Brasher - Blood of the Lamb

Molly Tuttle - Don’t Let Go

Kylie Rae Harris - Twenty Years From Now

Tyler Ramsey - Evening Country

The Lowdown Drifters - Black Hat

Reba McEntire - No U In Oklahoma

Dee White - Tell the World I Do

Kalyn Fay - Good Company

May 18, 2016

WWE Country Reaction Gifs 10: RRB, FGL, Luke, Stapleton

Why you should stop listening to Kane Brown

When somebody at the Stapleton show requests "Crash and Burn"

Tryin' to think of something nice to say about Luke Bryan...

When you're three sheets into the wind at the concert by the time
Randy Rogers Band finally plays something off Rollercoaster

When a Florida-Georgia Line fan asks you to apologize

When you 'bout to sing "Cruise" but gotta take a selfie first

When "Somewhere on a Beach" comes on at the Mexican restaurant

Jan 17, 2014

16 Signs You're a Huge Luke Bryan Fan

Paint tend to eat them. -CB

You're not entirely sure what your virginity is and where it might be if you have lost it. -VF

You had to "register" and alert your neighbors concerning your "incident." - @DosRingos

The rest of the literate world has to sound out your Twitter and Facebook posts because they follow no accepted rules of spelling, grammar, or abbreviation. -MN

You go to a Randy Rogers concert and expect him to gyrate his hips during "Fuzzy." -CF

You drink Fireball Whiskey because as Shakespeare said, you hold your manhood cheap. - @TheJackalopeTX

Numb from the waist down because your pants are too tight and numb from the neck up because you do actually listen to to Luke Bryan -BM

You defend any criticism about Luke Bryan's music with the phrase, "But he's sooooooo hott!!!!" -SG

You think ‪Earl Dibbles Jr‬ is real. -DR

You keep a spare pair of skinny jeans in your trunk just in case you have a blowout. - ‏‪@shelbyjo‬

You wear your boots with your chubbies. -LY

You didn't know you could listen to music on the internets. -VC

You have to borrow your mom's credit card to buy his music - @MMars75

You own a $50,000 truck, but the wheels have never touched anything but concrete. -BS

You had to have a special hemorrhoid relief seat installed in your big black jacked up truck due to many hours of sitting on that diamond plate tailgate -JS

You start calling your mom 'girl.' -MP


Thanks to FTM's Facebook friends and Twitter pals for the submissions!


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