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Dec 17, 2020

A Muppets Christmas Carol Country Reaction Gifs

 When you're down-wind from a Willie Nelson concert

What every country song was about in the 1930s

Find you a woman who's cuddly and loves sitting by a fire listening to Ward Davis with you

Jason Aldean:

When the lights come on even though you expected an encore

"But Old Dominion is pretty good even if they're not very country"

George Strait? Amarillo big fan!

When somebody tweets "Charlie Pride was my favorite country singer!"

When the spirit insists on listening to Kane Brown while she imparts her lesson to you

Sep 22, 2016

Muppets Country Reaction Gifs

Kermit giving Cole Swindell a pep talk

 Sturgill is coming back to town in November, 
but don't freak out!

When you're in prison and your cellmate loves bro-country

Every time Jason Aldean has a new interview online

 When you and your homey know
every word of "Pig in a Pen"

Kids these days think Merle was just 
some guy on the Walking Dead but...

 Here you come again lookin' better than a froggy has a right to

 When you can't understand a word somebody says 
then their FGL ringtone goes off

Jun 16, 2016

Aug 26, 2011

YouTube Gems: Muppets!

From Muppets: The Green Album, a collection of Muppet favorites covered by contemporary rock and alternative acts, here's OK Go and a bunch of Jim Henson creations with the Muppet Show Theme Song.


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