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Mar 24, 2022

Hey Dude Country Reaction Gifs

When the newbie asks "Hey, do you guys like country music, like Thomas Rhett?"

When Danny says he stopped to take a piss at the Florida-Georgia Line one time

Somebody defending Walker Hayes music

Name something in country radio's main demographic but not on their airplay lists

Review Lady A's last 3 singles

When some bro asks you to the Aldean concert on a date

Still better than listening to a Dan + Shay song

Luke Bryan's latest hit be like

Mar 17, 2022

Wrasslin' Country Reaction Gifs: Scott Hall Edition

 RIP Bad Guy.


I'd bet it all on a good run of bad luck

Tryin' to make the way things are
the way things used to be

When you're a Ragweed fan, you're a Ragweed fan

How many times would you rather be punched in the face than go to a Dan + Shay concert?

You bet I wouldn't talk trash to Aldean's face?

When your friend plays some Walker Hayes at the fish fry

Willie Nelson when the IRS penalties hit him

When you can't remember the name of that Lumineers hit

You think we're mean for making fun of pop-country singers you like? 

Feb 17, 2022

Knives Out Country Reaction Gifs

 Playing Jason Aldean's "Johnny Cash" when somebody requests Johnny Cash

Every comment on every meme about every pop-country singer on our Facebook page be like....

What's your favorite song on Blake Shelton's last album?

To anybody who thinks you can't like metal or hip-hop or pop and still be "real country"

When you're at a party and hear the guy in charge of music start playing Walker Hayes

What'd you think of Brent Cobb's gospel album?

Still making "ha ha Kane Brown got lost" memes in 2022?

When the old man wills his Willie Nelson album collection to a neighbor instead of the kids

Dec 30, 2021

Viral 2021 Gifs: Country Reaction Gifs

When an office mate's airpods aren't connected and their computer is playing Dan + Shay

When you're one of the 17 actual human beings to score Turnpike tickets

That was a country awards show?

Luke Bryan as every night of butt thrusting in concert gets him a little more sore

Me searching the Wild Country Spotify playlist for an actual country song

I have decided that in 2022 I will not make jokes about Morgan Wallen so people don't call me a liberal anymore

Oh, you think a covers album was the best record of 2021?

When your sister gave you an IOU for Christmas because she spent all her money on Morgan Wallen tickets

If you only listen to Jason Aldean because he agrees with you politically...


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