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Aug 28, 2020

New Country Act "Megadeth" Signs With Big Machine

"David" Mustaine
by Trailer - Originally posted on Country California March 03, 2011
Scott Borchetta today announced the signing of Megadeth to a three-record deal with Big Machine. Lead singer Dave Mustaine was on hand for the press conference, wearing a Megadeth logo-emblazoned (now in the Bleeding Cowboys font) pearl snap shirt and cowboy hat. 

"We're just excited to explore this awesome genre. For years, Megadeth has been a mainstay in hard rock and thrash metal, but we've always had a soft spot for the music that truly makes this country great," explained Mustaine. "If you look back at uh, well... the liner notes for Peace Sells... you'll see that we've always thanked people for their support... and uh, that kind of appreciation is a tenet of country music." 

The newly clean-shorn Dave continued: "I've got all of Johnny Cash's records, and I just love the subject matter of country. Murder, drinking, death, spirituality, murder... you know, those are things I love to sing about." 

"We'll have to maybe dial down some of the political rhetoric and bloodshed a bit, but I think this established band's work translates well to the country market," said Borchetta. "Besides, most of the older demographic we're shooting for grew up listening to Metallica and Megadeth, so that's where the money is!" 

He added: "Oops, did I say that out loud?" 

Megadeth's single "Sweating Budweiser" will be sent to country radio on April 1, with a full album entitled Vic Rattlehead Loves America to be released in early summer. A supporting tour for Rascal Flatts will follow. 

Sep 19, 2019

Famous Protest Songs Updated For Modern Times

Cracker From Muskogee

The Tide Pod and the Damage Done

Chick-fil-a Took My Baby Away
(Okay, not a protest song, but it had to be here)

Hurt Me SoulCycle

Evviva Il Papa John’s

Talkin’ Colin Kaepernick Blues

I Was a Teenage Incel

Give Hashtags a Chance

Your Punisher Decal Won’t Get You Into Heaven

This Meme is Your Meme

Big Yellow Uber

Doxxing in the Name

Outrage of a Small Circle of Friends

De Keurig Man

Yasss Save the Queen!

White Claws for Peace

Would Jesus Wear a TAG Heuer?

Cancellation Song

Nike Punks F*** Off

Let’s Retweet the President

Hobby Lobby… the Punishment Due

Feb 17, 2017

Digging Up the Corpse of Black Market Magazine

Skulls, voodoo, punk rock, with no condom: we dig up the corpse of Black Market magazine

By Robert Dean

Back in the pre-internet age, the underground music scene was ran from zines. Yes, there are still zines, but they’re not as plentiful as they were a long time ago, Mr. Know It All, Comment on Everything Hipster.

Zines were how you discovered new bands, heard about social causes, or found out weird, subversive art. Most were handcrafted, collectives of multiculturalism, or just filled with a lot of weird shit. Some enterprising folks with a vision put a lot of effort and idealism into crafting zine culture and just about all underground scenes benefitted. Because no one in bands like The Cramps or KMFDM were getting on MTV aside from the occasional bone from Headbangers Ball or 120 Minutes, indie labels or even in some cases, the majors, relied on the local music programs, or zines to help spread the gospel of new bands.

As a young buck, I worshiped the record store. I saved up all of my money to continually buy cd’s, band shirts, music magazines, and zines. I gobbled up Maximum Rocknroll, scoured the racks for NME, and even had subscriptions to Circus and Metal Edge. But, there was zine I’d read and was after it like the Holy Grail: Black Market Magazine.

Black Market existed from mid-1980’s and up until 1995, and in those years, Black Market offered the world that was fucking mind blowing to a 14-year-old kid with a Nirvana shirt on, and with Misfits and Sepultura stickers on his skateboard.  The art was subversive. It took risks, both societal and cultural: they challenged what was allowed, even in the underground community. Everything from race, to religion, and gay rights were all on display long before they became the everyday topics in our age. The magazine was just as much about the art as it was about the music. The two mediums together gave Black Market magazine a potent cocktail for all of us acolytes to swallow. We got style, attitude, a lot of knowledge out of these pages.

They allowed artists a platform for dark art and darker opinions. Nothing in the realm of Black Market was taboo.

 The music, though – that was what was mind-blowing. The Rollins Band, Marilyn Manson, Megadeth, Nine Inch Nails, Alice in Chains – every cool band from the era found its name plastered between the covers of Black Market. What’s interesting seeing the magazines these years later, Black Market was not only a pioneer in their artistic nuance, but they did interviews before the modern culture molded certain figures to a particular light. The journalism, the questions were sharp, and in a way, the style precluded the VICE styled music journalism we see today with Noisey.

The magazine also featured icons of culture like Famous Monsters’ Forrest Ackerman, as well as members of the Manson family. The interviews are candid, but also truthful in that they’re biting, and honest.

Being out of print for so long, re-reading the issues doesn’t feel dated. If anything, the magazines hold up now better than ever. They’re time capsules into an era when dying your hair meant you were a freak, and visible tattoos meant you were a scumbag.  Bands like Type O Negative or Samhain were frightening, and indeed a big, detailed picture about priests engaged in questionable acts as a social statement weren’t exactly en vogue. You had to embrace and earn culture like this. Black Market shoveled all of the best things about goth, industrial, punk, hardcore, and metal into one oozing corpse and made us all love it in return.

Dec 17, 2014

I'm Sorry, This Exists: Christmas 2014 Edition

Here are some bizarre country (and 1 rock) music-related products, 
memorabilia and whatnot you can buy or gawk at this holiday season.

Really disgusting Luke Bryan panties

Mama failed. ("Mama Tried" thong)

Autographed baseball from renowned stars of the diamond, Rascal Flatts

Autographed Big & Rich panties.

Florida-Georgia Line prayer candles. You're going to hell if you buy these.

A vintage Aaron Tippin muscle shirt which is actually pretty awesome

A hideous personalized Brantley Gilbert shirt


Lady A earrings for the girl or progressive fellow with three ears

A Megadeth bib for the headbanging rugrat in your life

This Scotty McCreery fried chicken ad
And... this "A Country Boy Can Survive" inspired taxidermy sculpture

Dec 23, 2013

If ____ Wrote a Christmas Song 2013

If Brandy Clark Wrote a Christmas Song
Her husband cooked the turkey dry
And she ran out of Karo for pecan pie
and mama's arguing with daddy
So she rolled herself a fatty 

If Dallas Davidson Wrote a Christmas Song
You can be my Mrs. Claus
Big ol' present in short red draws
Climb up in my Chevy sleigh
Hand me a beer this Christmas day

If Megadeth Wrote a Christmas Song
From his fortress of white arctic doom
A fearsome man in a blood red suit
He's comin' for you
Incorruptible, indestructible
Riding on a neutron sleigh
Horned monsters pulling through the gray
He is on the way, ha ha haaaa

If Nickelback Wrote a Christmas Song
(You naughty girl)
You're dancing round the fireplace honey
(You dirty thing)
You shake your fruitcake for everyone
(You're such a bad girl)
I love how you have gifts for everybody
(So generous)
And tease them all by pulling on your bows
You're so much cooler when you give that thing a lick
Cause you look so much cuter sucking on a peppermint stick

If Kanye Wrote a Christmas Song
Hurry up with my damn presents
Don't act like I'm a damn peasant
Santa, watch me and take a lesson
I am a god

May 4, 2012

Parody Album Covers: Beale Street Music Festival Edition

Tomorrow morning, I'm headed to Memphis for my annual trip to the Beale Street Music Festival (skipping tonight due to factors beyond my control). Among others, I'm looking forward to seeing Son Volt, Jane's Addiction, Old 97s, The Civil Wars and Alison Krauss. Here are a few farced album covers from 2012 BSMF acts.


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