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Sep 28, 2017

Midland: Their Back Story

I'm not sure who started this hashtag #midlandbackstory. JD (@windfarmtx) had the first tweet with it included that I can find, but I imagine it grew out of all the trash talking between him and Charlie Stout and Chris King about the group. Regardless of how it began, it's Twitter gold… even if you like Midland. 

Apr 26, 2017

Hashtag Games: #smellycountrymusic

Did another "hashtag game" on Twitter yesterday and here are the results. 
The theme was #smellycountrymusic
I came up with most of them this time around, so it's clear I have the mind of a twelve year old.

Thomas Retch

"Head Over Poots" by Jon Farti

"Wanna Be That Pong"

"Your Cheatin' Fart" @JVsFillnStation

"Body Odor Like a Back Road"

"I Fall in Feces"

"Stinkin' Problem" (Midland) @countrymindblog

"Fulsome Prison Blues"

"Too Much Funk" (Daryle Singletary)

Pollute Bryan

"Does Right Guard Ever Cross Your Mind?"

"Mama's Broken Fart" @gradywsmith

Stank Williams Jr.

"On the Commode Again"

Reba Burning-Tire @dgoble83

"Blame it on Your Shart"

Jason Piss-smell

"Craps That Burn" (Thomas Rhett) @DHWritesCountry

"Dirt Road Diarrhea"

"My Shoes Keep Smelling Up The House" (Ray Price) @mattbrucker20

Rascal Flatulence

"Turds All the Way Down" (Sturgill) @Dennis_Petee

"Don't You Think This Outhouse Stench Has Done Got Out of Hand"

"Baby's Got Her Blue Waffle On"* @ohbuffalo
*FTM is not responsible for eyesight ruined or jobs lost due to Google searching this; just don't.*

"Turd Load Anthem"

"Some Girls Poo" (Sawyer Brown) @andythedrifter

Yucky Covington

"Redneck Crotch Club"

Mar 9, 2017

Country Radio Reaction Bingo

Turn on country radio, note your reaction to each song, and play along! 

Thanks to these Twitter pals for helping with this post!

Nov 3, 2016

CMA Awards 2016: Twitter Wrap-Up

I didn't watch most of it (Fly the W! Go Cubs Go!), 
but here are some mostly out-of-order tweets to wrap up 
what seemed to be a damn good CMA Awards.


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