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Mar 27, 2020

What Country Fanbases Are Doing During Coronavirus Lockdown


Brantley Gilbert fans: 
The usual - morning bell, inmate count, breakfast, work detail, inmate count…

Luke Bryan fans: 
young - Tik Tok dance videos; older - drinking wine, also doing Tik Tok videos

Florida-Georgia Line fans: 
going to the beach, going to parties, having sex with people they just met

Kane Brown: 
doing chores, homework, texting other kids their age

Mitchell Tenpenny: 
maintaining their regimen of ceftriaxone and azithromycin, stalking exes

Tyler Childers: 
morel hunting, drinking themselves blind

Kelsea Ballerini: 
journaling, skin care, skin care journaling

Sturgill Simpson: 
N/A - he has run off all his fans

Charlie Daniels Band: 
sharing factually incorrect memes, going to church, sleeping with Fox News on

hoarding, cooking

Feb 27, 2020

South Park Country Reaction Gifs 2

What could make the new Sam Hunt song tolerable?

Nashville drummers about drum machines:

If you think Mitchell Tenpenny is a country singer, much less a good one...

"Hey you heard that FGL song with Justin Bieber??"

Rich O'Toole be like...

When a Kane Brown fan speaks

What are country radio executives terrified by?

Me, making more memes about mainstream country

Jan 23, 2020

Ferris Bueller's Day Off: Country Reaction Gifs

When you get in a rental car and Dustin Lynch is playing

Me, listening to Dustin Lynch's new album for 10 seconds

♫ ♬ Oh the movers and the shakers down on Morgan Street ♫ ♬

Why do people like Tyler Childers so much?

♫ ♬ and the songs that she sang in the shower are stuck in my head ♫ ♬

After politely telling your ex-best friend you don't want to attend the Kane Brown concert with him

When a guy uses a Mitchell Tenpenny line to try to pick you up

When Charlie Sheen says FGL is his favorite country group


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