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Dec 3, 2020

South Park Country Reaction Gifs 2

 When the Devil beats Johnny in a fiddling video game

Chase Rice logging in

Name a country singer who made a career of singing dad jokes

When the hold music is Kane Brown

When your friends ask you to stop playing Sturgill's Cuttin' Grass over and over

When Jason Aldean appears at Christmas

Trick or treat goodies for when the local jam band knocks

When your town is about to become a folk music hotbed

Feb 27, 2020

South Park Country Reaction Gifs 2

What could make the new Sam Hunt song tolerable?

Nashville drummers about drum machines:

If you think Mitchell Tenpenny is a country singer, much less a good one...

"Hey you heard that FGL song with Justin Bieber??"

Rich O'Toole be like...

When a Kane Brown fan speaks

What are country radio executives terrified by?

Me, making more memes about mainstream country

Dec 14, 2018

Sitcom Christmas Country Reaction Gifs

 When Jerry says maybe we've been judging Kane Brown a little harshly

When Willie Nelson comes to your Christmas party

When you don't get the Merle Haggard box set you wanted

This gif is still less annoying than "The Christmas Shoes"

How can FGL have the nerve to call an album Can't Say I Ain't Country??

Why do you continuously troll pop-country fans on Twitter?

When it's Festivus and you get to air your grievances to country radio

♫ ♬ All the people in the crowd say he ain't half bad
Well, they call me King... ♫ ♬

Nov 30, 2017

South Park: Country Reaction Gifs

Bebe Rexha is on country radio?
I give that two thumbs up! Well, not thumbs...

When your girlfriend hands you Sam Hunt tickets
for an early Christmas present

"Kids don't want to hear that old whiney, twangy
country music any more"

When Thomas Rhett's pitch correction software
goes down during a concert

Chef writes the latest bro-pop country hit

If a herd of water buffalo tragically trampled Mr. Chesney

The lyrics for Sturgill Simpson's new song

When you're listening to Tyler Childers
(and you splatter ice cream everywhere?)

The Luke Bryan business plan

Feb 11, 2015

Blame Georgia

 Blame Georgia
(Lyric parody of South Park's "Blame Canada")

Times are strange
Our kids are getting dumb
They won't respect tradition
They just want to bang and bump

Should we blame the school system?
Or blame bad parenting?
Or should we blame the X-Box?

No, blame Georgia!

Blame Georgia!

With all their trashy tailgate songs
And the studded jeans that they've got on

Blame Georgia! Blame Georgia!

It's time these idiots got caught
It's Georgia's fault!

Don't blame me if I lose my mind
I hear that damn Brantley and Jason and Luke all the time!

And Dallas Davidson, he's from Georgia as well
By now it's time we told them all just to go to hell

Yeah, blame Georgia!

Blame Georgia!

It seems that country music just sucks
Since Georgia discovered trucks

Blame Georgia!
Blame Georgia!

That's not even real country music anyway

My son should've been a scientist or a banker just as well
But all he wants to do is roll coal and go chasing tail

Should we blame ol Waylon?
Should we blame Paycheck?
Nah, blame Tyler Hubbard and Thomas Rhett.

That's it!

Blame Georgia! Blame Georgia!

With all their douchey hick-hoppin' crap
They can leap off Wolf Pen Gap

Blame Georgia! Shame on Georgia for...
The bros, we're so bored
And yeah, for Colt Ford
The Fireball and butts must all be undone
We must shame them and send them on the run
Oh, all this shitty music must be shunned

Blame Georgia! Blame Georgia!

Don't take this too seriously, Georgians. 
Yes, we know Georgia is actually responsible for many more positives than negatives in country music. 
Just might wanna get some stuff in check in the present.


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