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Sep 28, 2018

Collin Raye's Comeback Album All Songs About Underwear

Originally posted on Country California, Friday, February 20, 2009 
Fresh off several years of high-profile commercial exposure with his cheeky Fruit of the Loom ads, former country hitmaker Collin Raye has revealed that his comeback album will consist entirely of songs about underwear. To hear Raye tell it, he had little choice in the matter. "You don't mess with success" he laughed, referring to the "popularity" of songs like "You Can't Overlove Your Underwear." 

"Oh that'll be on there for sure, but that's just for starters" said Raye, his cheeks blushing with excitement or embarrassment. "The first single will be called 'I Love You in Yours (Tight Silky Drawers),' and it's a real slow burner of a love song." The album will also include the mid-tempo anthems "Pouchful of Love" and "I Hope You Dance (In Your Underpants)," the ballad "I'd Love to Lace You Down" and the rocking "Teenage Waistband." 

Raye hopes country radio will give these songs a chance despite their gstring-narrow subject matter. "Almost everyone wears 'em, so it's a universal topic. And I truly think this is some of the best-written material I've laid hands on in years. The thong... err, song's the thing" Raye winked, a teardrop gleaming in his eye. 

Although he has struggled to chart in recent years, Raye said he'd bet his Jockeys that one of his new tunes will "crack" the Top 40. Then he broke down sobbing, bringing our brief interview to an abrupt end.


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