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Sep 24, 2020

Parks & Rec Country Reaction Gifs 3

Friend: As soon as this pandemic is over, I'm buying us tickets to the first Cody Jinks concert and the beer is on me.


When you can tell somebody is going to lump you in with idiots when you tell them you like country music

When I come across a Rascal Flatts fan page that says Gary Levox is sexy 

Zac Brown Band introduces its 18th member

Why did you go to the Florida-Georgia Line concert?

When I hear a car blasting Sam Hunt slowly approaching from a distance

What the mainstream country radio DJ rarely says

I haven't even heard Kane Brown's latest single but I

Apr 25, 2019

Parks and Rec Country Reaction Gifs 2

Why are you a Florida-Georgia Line fan?

Waiting on a new Chris Knight album like... 

Can we call a moratorium on EDM country songs until we get this shit all sorted out?

When you read a bunch of tweets about Lil Nas X

Why won't you just let country radio do their thing and just promote the music you like?

What is Nashville known for these days? 

When you find out Jerry is a huge Dustin Lynch fan

When your step kids want to listen to Mitchell Tenpenny on the way to school

Jan 20, 2017

Parks & Recreation: Country Reaction Gifs

Avoiding your coworker's conversation about 
the latest episode of The Voice

Jason Isbell is working on a new album??

Would you rather go to a Brantley Gilbert concert
or let your pastor read your internet browser history?

 Why does Kane Brown have a career?

 How'd you make it through an entire hick-hop album
to write a review of it?

 When you catch a few seconds of the new Cole Swindell song

When you find out your fiancée loves Florida-Georgia Line

When the guy in the neighboring cubicle plans 
to listen to pop-country all day


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