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Apr 5, 2018

WWE Country Reaction Gifs 29: Wrestlemania Week Edition

How Florida-Georgia Line hides its
lack of talent in concert

Toby Keith, circa 2029

"Honestly, Walker Hayes is
a modern day Roger Miller"

"But women don't like to listen
to women country singers"

Would you ever say something nice
about Sam Hunt's music?

When you decide to leave your
country band for the ministry

If you're f--king listening to The Lacs

How would you describe
Kacey Musgraves' Golden Hour?

Did you say Blackberry Smoke has a new album coming out this Friday?

When the person who played FGL
on the jukebox looks over at you

May 18, 2017

Game of Thrones: Country Reaction Gifs

You're a huge country fan too?
Like Old Dominion and Sam Hunt...

 To those who think FTM is crass and overly negative:

"Alan Jackson killed country music. And covered Akon in concert"

When a pop-country fan awakens to the wonders 
of country music they don't play on the radio

When Jon Snow says he knows his country, 
but can't name a Roger Miller song

You seriously think Thomas Rhett is 
a better vocalist than Chris Stapleton?

When you're late to the show and Isbell is about to go on...

Sep 2, 2016

Country Fantasy Football Team Names 2016

This is the last weekend for fantasy football drafts before the NFL season starts next week. 
Here are some ridiculous and punny, if not funny, country music related names you could 
use for fantasy teams. Or add your own in the comments!

Are You Sure Peyton Done It This Way?

Band of Broncos

Odell Where Art Thou

Gurley in a Country Song

Rollerskating Buffalo Herd

Gronk on a Plane

Real Men Love Jameis

Jordy On My Mind

Beatin' Philly and Kickin' Ass

Different for Cowboys

Manning Doesn't Play Anymore

Devonta Wanna Tonight

Dez He Love You

Me and Bobby Griffin III

A Good Year for DeAndre

Finally Sunday

Better as Amari

Quaker City Seahawks

Dak Where I Come From

Le'Veon on a Jet Plane

Sep 3, 2014

If Dallas Davidson Had Written These Country Classics

Guitars, Cadillacs

And it's DJs, Chevys jacked, EDM music
Muddy, muddy fields that my tires roam
Yeah, my DJs, Chevys jacked, EDM music
And sexting hotties pictures of my dong

Old Dogs, Children and Watermelon Wine

Old trucks drive you round the square even when you're drunk as hell
God bless little cutoffs them girls are shakin' so well
That's pretty much the deepest stuff that's ever on my mind
Yeah old trucks and cutoffs and Kroger cherry shine

King of the Road

Raptor with chromed out vents
Custom seat - leather bench
Bluetooth and intake kit
Brand new Powerplant winch
Yo, it's..four hundred horses strong
Drive your girl right out of her thong
I'm the man drivin' with a lean
King of the bros

Forever and Ever Amen

If you wonder how long we'll be grindin'
Well, just crank up R Kelly's 12 Play
I'm gonna tap it for minutes, and minutes and minutes, lil bae

Hello Darlin'

What's up baby
How you doin'?
Those jeans sure are tight
So shake that money
Like I love to see

Have a cold one
Are you horny
Like I am tonight
Drop the tailgate
And play some Aldean


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