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Jul 6, 2018

Dogs & Babies: Country Reaction Gifs

When the radio plays Stapleton ...then Sam Hunt

When you took your dog along to the Willie Nelson show

When you've had a rough day dodging paparazzi

When you're walking along minding your own business
and hear FGL playing from a car nearby

Needs no explanation...

When you're excited about the party but they're playing Colt Ford

Listening to new Cody Jinks like...

This YouTube comment will have better grammar and spelling than the average Kane Brown fan's comment

Dec 19, 2017

If _____ Wrote a Christmas Song 2017

If Walker Hayes wrote a Christmas song

Need some joy in your stockin'? Well baby I gotcha
It's lit and it's bae and I ain't throwing shade
I Snapped you a clue, Word, hit me up too
We gone be totes chillin' this Christmas day

If Future wrote a Christmas song

You know it's enchanting baby, let it snow
Let it snow, let it snow
We here just waiting on santa, girl, so let it snow
Let it snow, let it snow

If Loretta Lynn wrote a Christmas song

Santa came home smelling like peppermint perfume
Lately he's been losing weight, doing Crossfit too
Heard he's got himself a little elf skank round the way
Well, Mrs. Santa's bout to bust that hussy in the face

If Mark Kozelek wrote a Christmas song

I watched a film about Venezuelan crop dusters
Under a chartreuse blanket on my veranda
Pondering what Belinda said last Christmas day

If Colt Ford wrote a Christmas song

Got that icy mud all up on my GMC
Alpines blasting Run DMC
Christmas in Hollis and Christmas in Macon
Woman at the crib got country ham bakin'

If Lemmy wrote a Christmas song

He's got a whip of leather
Skeleton reindeer crew
Snow or sunny weather
He's coming after you

Satan Clause, Satan Clause, 
Watch his black sleigh take flight
Satan Clause, Satan Clause,
Naughty or nice, you'll die tonight

Aug 21, 2017

Top 15 Things Rarer Than a Solar Eclipse in Nashville

 Top 15 Things Rarer Than a Solar Eclipse in Nashville

by Jeremy Harris and Trailer

15. An open mic night without "Wagon Wheel"

14. Shooter Jennings walking down Music Row in shorts

13. A Stanley Cup hockey championship

12. A country exec with any 2 of the following: brains, balls, integrity

11. Thomas Rhett singing in key

10. A Kane Brown fan who won't have retinal damage after today

9. 20 square feet of sidewalk without a douchebag on it

8. A local eating at FGL house

7. Colt Ford and Gary Levox eating salads

6. A sober bridesmaid

5. A songwriting session with less than 5 people in attendance

4. Luke Bryan shopping for relaxed fit jeans

3. An irreplaceable landmark some developer wouldn't happily bulldoze 
to put up another apartment building …or carwash

2. A woman on the country charts who isn't counted against the quota

1. A departed country legend not rolling in his/her grave daily

Aug 10, 2017

Super Troopers Country Reaction Gifs

When you hear what they're calling
country music these days

 Hey Pancho and Lefty...

 When Cody Jinks likes one of your tweets

When you overhear someone in the restaurant
talking shit about country music

How many female singers are in the country top 40 this week?

 Colt Ford fan out on a date

We can't arrest you for playing Florida-Georgia Line
but we do have something to show you

Jam bands wouldn't exist if people weren't...

Jul 20, 2017

Chapelle's Show: Country Reaction Gifs

*Language Warning*

Say "What" if Dylan Scott sucks

Why are you the next big mainstream country star?

When the car next to Wayne Brady
is blasting Thomas Rhett

Listening to Blake Shelton like...

Would you admit that Colt Ford is a pretty good rapper?

While female artists struggle for airplay
Music Row executives be like...

What's the deal with Sam Hunt fans?

If your couch likes Kelsea Ballerini

Dec 14, 2016

I'm Sorry, This Exists: Christmas '16 Edition

This is all real merchandise (and other oddities).

Let's start with something I'm glad exists.... a Merle Haggard "ugly Christmas sweater"

Luke Bryan tumbler. Perfect for sipping Lime-a-ritas.

Brantley Gilbert pajamas with "Bottoms Up" on the ass. For your side chick.

A BG brass knuckles Christmas ornament. For when the cousins erupt into a brawl over who gets to play the PS4 next.

Chris Lane socks might be your fix. I don't know why, but maybe.

If she wants to get "Nailed" this Christmas, these are for her!

The Average Joes comic book series featuring Colt Ford, The Lacs, and all your least favorite hick hoppers. I assume their arch enemy is Captain Irrelevance.

Class up the damn joint with this Fireball cornhole game. Probably not officially licensed.

Sam Hunt tank top with Bleeding Cowboys font! Yay!

Luke Bryan ugly Christmas sweater. Make it stop.

Grammatically incorrect Luke Bryan lyrics tattoo
(which are the actual lyrics)

Another kinda awesome item. A Janie Fricke snapback. On eBay!

Truck decal ... perfect stocking stuffer for that kinda racist uncle.


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