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Nov 23, 2022

Planes, Trains, & Automobiles Country Reaction Gifs 3

 Someday someone will make another good Thanksgiving movie, right?


Mom, why can't I wear my Dan + Shay t-shirt to school?

Cop: So you say it's a Whiskey Myers song's fault you were driving over the speed limit?

Before I hit play on a Lori McKenna song

I knew I shouldn't have played 49 Winchester when you handed me the aux cord

Still better than going to a Walker Hayes concert

The lyrics to a Hellbound Glory song, probably

Luke Combs, amazed he can keep putting out the same songs over and over and still get richer

When the bartender won't turn off the Luke Bryan

Nov 22, 2022

Top 10 Things Dan + Shay Fans are Thankful For This Year

10. That Babs didn’t use too much seasoning on the boiled chicken at the supper party last night

9. That Dan + Shay didn’t play the CMA’s so they didn’t have to accidentally hear any twang, fiddles, or steel guitars this year

8. That vodka is the same color as water

7. That their neighbors who listened to rap music and grilled on the front porch moved out

6. 20% discounts at the loaded tea place because they forced their son to work there

5. That their name isn’t actually Karen, because that would be too on the nose

4. That both Dan and Shay are happily married; they were concerned they might be gay so they’d have to stop liking them

3. That Jerry got the Christmas bonus early so they can book their 29th Disney vacation for next year

2. That wooden decorative signs with cliches on them are 50% off at Hobby Lobby this week

1. That their husband agreed to stop listening to scary Cody Childers or Waylon Haggard music in the house after the threat of no nookie

Thanksgiving Memories 2022


Nov 24, 2021

Top 10 Things Morgan Wallen Fans are Thankful for This Year

10. That mainstream country is so bad, Morgan sounds almost like Hank Jr. in comparison

9. That “Let’s Go Morgan” kinda sounds like “Let’s Go Brandon”

8. Thanks to Autofill, you only have to remember how to spell your name once

7. That the mullet trend has outlasted its welcome (they’ve had once since pre-k)

6. That their digestive system has finally healed after that ‘drinking bleach’ incident

5. High inflation makes stolen catalytic converters more valuable

4. The burn scars from dropping a frozen turkey in the fryer last year are finally fading

3. The “Carolina squat” is only banned in the Carolinas

2. That they aren’t famous enough to have their racial slur videos made public

1. McRib is back

Nov 22, 2017

Planes, Trains & Automobiles: Country Reaction Gifs

Every time I see the country top 40 charts

Having a conversation with a typical Brantley Gilbert fan like...

If you think Luke Bryan is ever going "back to his roots"

Runnin' from the cold up in New England

If you want Farce the Music to stop saying such mean
things about your favorite singer...

When Jerry Lee comes on

When the driver gets to DJ, 
and he puts it on The Highway Sirius XM

It's almost this awkward when you catch yourself 
liking a FGL song...

Nov 21, 2017

Top 10 Things Kane Brown Fans are Thankful For This Year

Top 10 Things Kane Brown Fans
are Thankful For This Year
10. That you don't have to pass an IQ test to get a driver's license

9. Nobody will notice if you're drunk at Thanksgiving dinner 
because they'll all be stoned

8. Febreze

7. That God watches over drunks and fools

6. Cousins who don't kiss and tell

5. Finally told off that petty bitch on YouTube who was saying 
Kane ain't country and she shut the hell up… wait, she's back

4. The space heater fire only took out a few of the cats

3. That opioid jokes aren't appropriate anymore, 
so Farce the Music won't put one right here

2. Uncle Papaw won $8000 on the scratch-off, so it's gonna be a good Christmas

1. That you get to come to the sophomore parties when you're 20, 
as long as you're still a sophomore

Nov 24, 2015

What Are Country Stars Thankful For This Year?

Luke Bryan
That, even nearing 40, he and his wife still wear the same size

Pitch correction software

Bucky Covington
That he isn't famous enough for FTM to make fun of him anymore

Old Dominion
That a beard makes almost any man slightly more attractive

Kane Brown
That hype and Twitter followers are more important than substance and skill in 2015

Brantley Gilbert
Protein powder

Chris Stapleton
Being too freaking talented to be ignored

Mikel Knight
That no one gives enough of a shit about his pathetic ass to actually 
investigate the myriad of claims against him

Jason Aldean
That no one expects any better of him than wearing blackface on Halloween

Miranda Lambert
That she lost 200 annoying pounds


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