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Jun 14, 2017

The Dukes of Hazzard Country Reaction Gifs

Getting away from a FGL fan like...

 Getting away from a Kane Brown fan like...

Getting away from a Luke Bryan fan like...

Getting away from a Sam Hunt fan like...

Getting away from a Chris Lane fan like...

Getting away from a Kelsea Ballerini fan like...

When a Thomas Rhett fans tries to enter 
the conversation about country music

When somebody wants you to hear 
a new mainstream country song...

But you just want the real thing...

Jun 6, 2017

Top 10 Things I'd Rather Watch Than the CMT Awards

The 2017 CMT Music Awards airs tomorrow night and features Jason Derulo and Luke Bryan,
Chris Lane, FGL & The Chainsmokers, Thomas Rhett, and lots of other bullshit like that, so...

Top 10 (Awful) Things I'd Rather Watch 
Than the CMT Music Awards

10. An old VCR tape from the late 80s where my little brother taped 
Care Bears over the last half of Headbangers' Ball

9. Chris Stapleton literally singing the entire Jackson, TN phone book

8. 3 hours of C-Span's online video archive without the aid of caffeine and if I doze off, it starts over

7. This over and over (warning: it's gross)

6. The English Patient

5. Col. Casper's entire video library
(He's a a loon who claimed Elizabeth Cook is into the occult and Tim McGraw is a member of the Illuminati, among other craziness)

4. Manimal

3. My own minor surgical procedure, while awake

2. Donald Trump and Charles Barkley having a debate about the best condiment

1. A Caillou marathon at full volume

Jun 1, 2017

Seinfeld Country Reaction Gifs 2

Wanna go to the FGL restaurant when we visit Nashville?

Name Ryan Adams' second solo album

Nope, still couldn't see much country on the country chart

When your coworker saw Boland last night and didn't invite you

When you hear Paycheck playing at your neighbor's place

Are Cody Jinks and Colter Wall real country singers?

What it sounds like to me when somebody tries 
to explain how Sam Hunt is country

All of Blake Shelton's new music is either stupid or...

May 26, 2017

My Name is Earl Country Reaction Gifs

What is your analysis of the lyrics of the new Dylan Scott song?

 What it feels like to listen to mainstream country radio...

I know you like Jon Pardi. He's touring with Luke Bryan.
Wanna go?

 How do you feel about Kelsea Ballerini?

When you catch your kids listening to The Chainsmokers

Sturgill Simpson is opening for Guns n' Roses???

Should I be embarrassed to have a favorite FGL song?

May 11, 2017

WWE Country Reaction Gifs 22: Alan Jackson, Sam Hunt, FGL, etc.

Hey man, you wanna catch the 
FGL/Chris Lane/Nelly show with me?

Gary Levox's favorite wrestler

 Wishing Sam Hunt would meet this guy in a dark alley

 Oh, you think Alan Jackson ruined country music?

 Mr. Radio Man, please play my new single

When you hear "Body Like a Back Road" 
playing in an ambulance

 Hey, Kane Brown fans...


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