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Apr 3, 2019

Greatest Wrestling Promos Country Memes

It's Wrestlemania week, so of course, we have to have some pro-wrestling related content. Here are a few new memes based on 5 of the greatest wrestling promos of all time. 

Mar 7, 2019

WWE Country Reaction Gifs 35

When you're late to the bluegrass concert

When a bro uses FGL lyrics as pick-up lines

If I was a Grand Ole Opry member when Dustin Lynch or Kelsea Ballerini joined

When some Jerry Lee Lewis comes on in the bar

When I walk through a crowd of Kane Brown fans in Walmart

If I had to recite some Jordan Davis lyrics to save my life

At the party and some dude starts playing "Wagon Wheel"

Brian Kelley when somebody orders Fireball at FGL's restaurant

Jan 4, 2019

WWE Country Reaction Gifs 34

When you think you've done everything you can do to avoid hearing Kane Brown, then his Amazon Music commercial comes on TV

Everyone who made Mitchell Tenpenny a thing deserves...

When your uncle gave you a Florida-Georgia Line CD for Christmas because your granny told him you like country

Too bad this isn't symbolic of country radio

When you see Randy Houser talking shit about mainstream country music

Rusev must be a Brantley Gilbert fan

When somebody plays whatever a Filmore is for Hulk Hogan

♫ ♬ Guitar man playing all night long
Take me back to where the music hit me ♫ ♬

Oct 25, 2018

WWE Country Reaction Gifs 33

When you hear somebody say they love country music then their Sam Hunt ringtone goes off

When the guy in the next cubicle's been playing FGL all day

If somebody handed me a bunch of tickets to a Luke Bryan concert

 Country radio, slowly being dragged down into irrelevance

Still more country than Kane Brown

When Sturgill Simpson produces his own album

New Jamie Lin Wilson album Friday?

♫ In my opinion, there's nothing in this world
Beats a '52 Vincent and a red-headed girl 


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