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Feb 5, 2015

Sep 20, 2013

What Your Taste in Country Music Says About Your Weekend Plans

Your favorite country artist says a lot about you and your likely plans for this weekend.

Miranda Lambert 
Go dove hunting Saturday morning while your dumbass boyfriend stays home nursing
a hangover and a black eye he got from saying something stupid Friday night.

Luke Bryan 
Update your Luke Bryan Tumblr page and wish you had a guy
with a truck to take you to a field and drink beer on the tailgate.

Dwight Yoakam 
Go out for a Harley ride with your other retired friends.

Jason Aldean 
Get stuck in a gravel road rut in your Accord with your girlfriends
driving out in the country trying to find a pasture party.

Brantley Gilbert  
Take practice GED. Steal propane.

Casey Donahew Band 
Hang with bros. Drink beer. Pump fist. Repeat.

Ashley Monroe
Puff a doobie while studying for the bar exam.

Florida-Georgia Line
Fight with your girlfriend in public. Miss a MMA training session Saturday because of an
apple pie moonshine hangover. Get a speeding ticket in your Ford Raptor Sunday afternoon.

Apr 25, 2013

Larry Lee the Primitive Baptist Reviews: Casey Donahew Band - Go To Hell

Casey Donahew Band - Go To Hell
Listen here if ye dare.

Children of the Lord, this song is a laundry list of sin and despair.
Behold all the evils the Casey Donahew Band sells to its fans:
Sexual impropriety
Foul language
Threats of violence
More drunkenness

Really, Mr. Donahew? Are you aware that it won't be long after that "phone call to your ex to remind her to go to Hades" that you won't be long following her (if in fact she is not saved by the blood). You have logged into Satan's version of Expedia and reserved a room, son. It won't be a 5 star, it won't even be a 1 star. It will be a 3 by 3 cinder block cell in which you have to attempt to sleep crouched over burning coals while "Florida-Georgia Line with Nelly" plays over and over through a loudspeaker. There won't be no Gideon's Bible in a drawer for you to read and cry out to the Lord for help either, just an unauthorized Rascal Flatts biography with a Gary Levox centerfold.

The biggest sin the "CDB" has committed with this song is that they will cause young "CDB" fans to stumble. How many trucker-capped, fist pumping young men will follow the band down this Texas highway to Hell? This song is pretty catchy, so it will certainly appeal to the younger demographic and all the "attitude" (which is really just a code word for "Hate of Jesus") will cause their hormone addled minds to see this sort of behavior as "cool" or "tight, yo."

I will pray for this band and its fans tonight. I will lift them up and ask the heavenly Father to help them turn away from humanism and vice before they join such "icons" of that lifestyle as Johnny Paycheck and Hank Williams in perdition.

My rating for this reprehensible song:

Mar 12, 2012

Mar 6, 2012

Country Doppelgangers March '12

Casey Donahew looks a lot like Republican candidate Rick Santorum.

Damien Horne of The Farm looks like actor/comedian Chris Tucker.
Newcomer Kip Moore looks like kinda-newcomer Jerrod Niemann,
or is it the other way around?
Phil Vassar and John Tesh
The new and improved(?) Lost Trailers resemble ...a couple of tools.
Chad Brock with his doppelganger...

Feb 29, 2012

In the Year 2030 #7

The 20th season of The Voice sees Blake Shelton still making drinking jokes; the late Cee-lo Green replaced by his son Dee-lo; that Adam guy still leering at Christina Aguilera's now belly-button level cleavage.

Chad Brock headlines the Country Thrownout Hip Tour with openers Jeff Bates and Andy Griggs.

Thomas Rhett's son (Rhett Akins' grandson) Thomas Akins gets a publishing and recording contract, completely by talent and in no way because his dad and grandfather were in the industry.

Martina McBride spotted drunkenly playing quarter slots at New Orleans casino, wearing a "Dirty Grandma" t-shirt.

Country music experiencing a revival thanks to the "neo-fake-outlaw" movement which credits Eric Church as its godfather.

Impressionable teen listens to Brantley Gilbert album backwards - goes on to cure Herpes, invent tornado-proof mobile homes.

Hank IV signs with Curb Records; stricken from father and grandfather's wills.

Country rap now its own genre with independent Billboard chart. Cowboy Troy runs cutthroat record label loosely modeled after Suge Knight's Death Row.

Lady Gaga photographed by paparrazi entering a Target dressed as somebody who used to be famous.

Casey Donahew Band, biggest selling country group in history breaks up. Melinda Donahew blamed.

Taylor Swift wins CMA Lifetime Achievement Award but is unable to mug the "Taylor shocked face" due to years of botox injections.

Justin Moore becomes a proud grandpa for the first time, frequently sitting on his new grandson's lap to read him stories.

Feb 10, 2012

Casey Donahew Band - Live at Billy Bob's Texas

A few weeks ago, I was presented the opportunity to go see the Casey Donahew Band live at Billy Bob's in Ft. Worth, Texas with uh, "minimal impact upon my financial situation." I've clearly never been a fan of the band, but how could I pass up visiting the world's largest honky-tonk, enjoying the best of Texas' food (at Cooper's BBQ, preshow - try the peach cobbler, it's divine!) and drink and meeting a band who's seemingly on the cusp of stardom? 

From most peoples' perspective, this was a no-brainer, but I pondered on the invitation for a bit. Was it "selling out" to take up this offer? Did I care if it was? A few people whose opinion I respect said I should go, so I did.

I had a great time at Billy Bob's Texas. "Everything is bigger in Texas" certainly applies to this montrous honky-tonk, with it's multiple bars, bull-riding arena (real bulls, not the Urban Cowboy kind) and football field-sized main arena. I'd heard bad things ahead of time about the service, but it seemed no different than any other overcrowded barroom to me.

We sat at long tables, which was new to me for a concert. Standing was frowned upon as far as I could tell. Okay, if that's your thing. 

So how was the band? Well, not bad at all, in my estimation. They were tight, yet playful as they tore through an hour-and-a-half set of their Texas hits and fan favorites. The crowd sang along with nearly every number, so I felt in the minority not knowing most of the words. On the other hand, I felt completely at home though, as the crowd was very friendly and upbeat.

Some songs CDB played were "White Trash Story," "Give You a Ring," and hit "Double-Wide Dream." They also, of course, played their signature hit "Stockyards," about the very area we enjoyed this show in. My favorite choice was the Delbert McClinton-esque "One Star Flag," a Texas-celebrating country-rocker. I may be mistaken (or my memory faded by adult beverages), but I believe their final song was "Runaway Train," during which Casey called on the audience to break free of their seated politeness and get loud. They complied enthusiastically.

Casey Donahew and yours truly.
I thought all members of the band were solid players, especially lead guitarist JJ Soto, who had rock star swagger and chops. Casey, himself, seemed to stand at odds from the cutting edge buzz of his band, and not necessarily in a bad way. Mr. Donahew comes across as an everyman. He's so down-to-earth in his mannerisms, delivery and rapport with the audience, that he almost seems like a karaoke singer showing off for his friends. That's not meant as a slight - much the opposite, it's a compliment -  his vocals are far above that of your typical karaoke singer; Casey just seems to lack any sort of "untouchable star" presence onstage. He's like your buddy who used to be in the high school show choir getting up onstage and wowing everybody.

He and the members of his band that I met after the show, were all friendly and welcoming to me, despite my previous venomous jabs at them. Casey, in particular, took time out of his meeting and greeting to talk with me for quite a while about music and how I came to start Farce the Music. Seemed like a very nice guy to me, and he even introduced me to Boston Red Sox pitcher John Lackey, who was pretty cool in his own right. I also spent half the night sharing tales and brews with Billy Bob's Director of Entertainment, Robert Gallagher, who's a big fan of FTM. He's a hilarious older gent with a taste for "monkeys" (a drink specialty) and off-color language. Casey's wife, Melinda, was also very warm and genial towards me, despite some preconceptions I may or may not have had about her. :)

In summation, I had a very cool time in Ft. Worth and I'd certainly see the band again if given the chance. I'm still not a big fan of their recorded output, and they're not out of my crosshairs here at FTM, but I certainly see how and why they relate so well to their audience.

Jan 12, 2012

Video Review: Casey Donahew Band - Double Wide Dream

Go here to view the video.

Jacked up truck. American flag. Trucker caps. Cut-off jeans. Sleeveless shirts. Beer. Party in a field. 

This sounds like the checklist for a Jason Aldean video, but it's not. It's just a sampling of the clichés used with reckless abandon in the video for the Casey Donahew Band's "Double Wide Dream." If it weren't for the slightly different band playing in a slightly different abandoned house, nobody'd know the difference between this video and that of any of dozens of other "I'm by-God country" songs.

There's not a single scene that steers clear of hackneyed imagery. In every case that creativity could have been used, banality is slapped on like a do-it-yourself camo paint job on a swamp mudder pickup. Every stock image one could possibly imagine is here. 

Oh, the wonders of modern technology. Surely this was created in some video template software. Just take pictures of each band member's face and a couple of action shots, have the singer do a few lines, tick off your preferred "country truisms," set the tempo to the particular song, and boom: instant redneck video! 

I bet you'll never guess how the video end. Go on, guess. 

You must be some kind of Nostradamus! Yep, Mr. Donahew gets hauled off to jail for partying too hard! Hahahahaha, I just wet my overalls. So funny and unique!

What makes this all even worse is that the lesser CDB hails from the Texas music scene - a scene that scoffs at the trappings of Nashville. Yet, here they are, blending in, joining 'em not beating 'em, Pat Greening. We saw how the latter worked out, but CDB is striking at the right time so they may fit right in and climb the heights of success in Nashvegas. Don't forget: king of the turds is still a turd.

Anyway, this video is not worth repeat viewing, other than a little nice scenery of the female sort. It's not terrible enough to enjoy in the "so bad it's good" way either. I'd prefer an A or an F. This is a D-.


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