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Mar 31, 2016

WWE Country Reaction Gifs 7: Jason Isbell, Chase Rice, Jana Kramer, etc.

Wrestlemania 32 is this Sunday, so of course we're having an edition of stupid gifs this week.

When a coworker asks if you know anybody 
who'd want their extra Chase Rice ticket

When somebody passes you "whiskey" 
that turns out to be Fireball

When somebody asks how many studio albums 
Jason Isbell has released

When Jana Kramer's mom hears how bad her new song is

When the Stapleton pre-sale code hits your inbox

When Tyler Hubbard practices his only talent

When your buddies think it'd be fun
to go see Colt Ford just for laughs

Sep 10, 2013

Little Known Facts: September '13

Whitey Morgan's beard is two years older than Whitey.

Jake Owen's severed finger tip recently sold on eBay for $7.

Tyler Farr had to leave his hometown of Garden City, Missouri over
fear of being Baker-acted by local mental health officials.

When asked what his biggest accomplishment since moving to Nashville was,
Justin Moore replied "Using the big boy potty."

When he returns home covered in glitter, Luke Bryan's wife wishes he had been at a gentlemen's club.

No buffalos were harmed during the recording of Buffalo Gospel's album
We Can Be Horses but three bison were castrated.

Devil John Moonshine recently selected Shooter Jennings as their spokesperson
because Davis Daniel was too busy with his music career.

The Snuffleupagus costume was recently stolen from the set of Sesame Street
forcing Colt Ford to play the part of Snuffy for three episodes.

When asked about the lasting effects of her ended relationship with
Brantley Gilbert, Jana Kramer said, "Its nothing a little cream won't clear up."

A high amount of sun exposure is harmful to your body and can alter brain function.
Example 1: Kenny Chesney. creator Trailer started the site after
visiting and realizing he couldn't do worse.

Jackson Taylor's band The Sinners are all former members of 98 Degrees.


By Jeremy Harris

Jul 5, 2013

Five Years of FTM - 5 Top 5's

Today, Farce the Music turns 5 years old. Thanks for sticking around and giving me the inspiration and reason to keep fighting the fight and hatin' the hate-worthy. Also, a big thanks goes out to Jeremy Harris, Kelcy Salisbury, Matthew Martin and others who have contributed to FTM in recent years/months!

As a small celebration, here are 5 new Top 5 lists... 2 serious, 3 seriously stupid.

Top 5 Most Common Injuries Suffered by Fla-Ga Line Fans
5. Sprained ankle from tripping on wallet chains
4. Cuts and abrasions from trying to scrape off misspelled tattoo
3. Broken fingers from punching radio when real country song comes on
2. Sliced fingers from broken (store bought) moonshine jars
1. Tetanus from doing the nasty in a rusty truck bed

Trailer's Top 5 Favorite Albums of All Time
5. The Rolling Stones - Exile on Main St.
4. Willie Nelson - Red Headed Stranger
3. Johnny Cash - At San Quentin
2. Son Volt - Trace
1. Guns n' Roses - Appetite for Destruction

Top 5 Potential Gilbert/Kramer Wedding Themes
5. Brass knux and butterflies
4. Ed Hardy
3. Pre-Antebellum vintage
2. Camo and Chrysanthemums
1. Trailer chic

Top 5 Best Songs of 2013 So Far
5. Son Volt - Angel of the Blues
3. John Moreland - Blacklist
1. Jason Isbell - Elephant

Top 5 Things Joe Diffie is Doing to Fit in
With Hick-Hop Culture
5. Sagging his Sansabelt jeans
4. Throwing "dawg" and "bruh" into everyday conversations
3. Putting a chrome brushguard and a roll bar on his 1975 Ford F100
2. Going heavy on the Acqua di Gio
1. Mixing his Ensure with Grey Goose

May 6, 2013

Sing-Faces in Inappropriate Situations


In The Year 2030 #9

Florida-Georgia Line reunion plans go awry when Autotuner
won't agree to the financial terms of the new contract

Taylor Swift has a "Cougar" ankle tattoo and still dates 20-something celebrities

Garth Brooks' Branson Rodeo shuts down for three months after
Brooks breaks a hip dismounting from his "flight" cables

Curb Records sues Tim McGraw for the 124th time

Luke Bryan's skin tight jeans are now worn pulled up over his belly button

Brantley Gilbert and Jana Kramer celebrate their 17th year of marriage. 
Haha, just kidding... Brantley files for divorce from his sixth wife, stripper Lucy Andrews.

Hunter Hayes, still unable to grow a full beard, named CMA Artist of the Decade

Chris Brown's third country album, Sometimes Love Hits You Like That, certified double platinum

Charlie Worsham arrested in Las Vegas for solicitation of a prostitute, 
threatening an officer, and possession of 12 grams of crack cocaine

Colt Ford gets sick and tired of people in the bar yelling out requests. 
Unfortunately, he's the bartender and must fulfill their orders or lose his job

Mar 19, 2013

Little Known Facts: March '13

The Brantley Gilbert fan club accepts Visa, MasterCard, PayPal and food stamps as forms of payment for membership dues.

Taylor Swift is a ghost-writer on all of Kacey Musgraves' songs.

Dwight Yoakam was mentoring Luke Bryan's career at first, but Luke quit listening after the discussion on jeans.

The United States Department of Defense downloads all important documents into Zac Brown's brain.

Zac Brown's beanies are all lined with aluminum foil to prevent theft of these documents.

Ryan Adams fall album will consist entirely of heavy metal Mandy Moore covers.

Every time you hear a truck song, a douchebag angel gets their wallet chain.

The over/under for Jana Kramer having to file a restraining order is 4.5 months.

Elizabeth Cook could kick your favorite female singer's ass.

Hunter Hayes could not.

Gary Levox could, if rights to a box of Little Debbies was on the line.

Steve Earle is not a Marxist. He finds Marx to be a little too moderate.

Mel Gibson's favorite band is Mumford and Sons.

If George Strait's current 60 for 60 campaign fails, he plans to bite the head off a live bat at the next concert.

Jan 21, 2013

Congrats, You Crazy Kids!

Sep 5, 2012

FTM or TMZ? Who's Brantley Dating?!?

A little birdy told me that the lovely Jana Kramer is dating the goat-faced Brantley Gilbert. 
Hey, didn't they make a movie about that already?


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