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Jul 16, 2019

Chris Knight Performs "Send It On Down"

This song, written by Knight and David Leone, was previously recorded by Lee Ann Womack. Chris’ recording (featuring Womack) appears on his forthcoming album Almost Daylight (Oct. 11).

Apr 25, 2019

Parks and Rec Country Reaction Gifs 2

Why are you a Florida-Georgia Line fan?

Waiting on a new Chris Knight album like... 

Can we call a moratorium on EDM country songs until we get this shit all sorted out?

When you read a bunch of tweets about Lil Nas X

Why won't you just let country radio do their thing and just promote the music you like?

What is Nashville known for these days? 

When you find out Jerry is a huge Dustin Lynch fan

When your step kids want to listen to Mitchell Tenpenny on the way to school

Mar 28, 2019

Random A** Country Reaction Gifs

When you're having either a dream or an LSD trip about Willie & Waylon eating pizza

"Oh you think I should turn down the Whiskey Myers?"

How "country" radio execs sleep at night after hearing all the complaints from us "purists"

Country radio's business model

"I was framed; they took me away like I was the only one to blame"

When "Fishin' in the Dark" comes on

When somebody wears a Kane Brown t-shirt to a job interview

The first question you ask somebody who says country is a lifestyle not a genre

Nov 9, 2018

Dolly Parton Country Reaction Gifs

When somebody says they don't like Dolly Parton

When you take a bunch of LSD before the Dolly concert

Farce the Music be like...

When he just drops by to see what condition your condition is in

Do you wanna hear the new Kane Brown album? 

Who's about damn ready for a new Chris Knight album?

Can I turn off this mainstream country station and play some Cody Jinks?

If you don't like hearing me talk shit about Florida-Georgia Line...

Oct 31, 2018

Horror Movie Country Reaction Gifs

When you go over to your friend's to get your Waylon albums back and they aren't home

When your kid says they might go to a Kane Brown concert

Looking at the country chart like...

Stoppin' every hundred miles
Callin' Baton Rouge

The chorus of some lost Hank 3 song

You'd rather stay home and play video games than see a concert?

When will another Chris Knight album ever come out?

Is it okay to have a favorite Sam Hunt song?


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