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May 2, 2019

5 New Marty Robbins Parody Album Covers (+ 1 Old One)

Chris Farley Country Reaction Gifs

♫ Don't it make you wanna dance? 

When somebody says Whitey Morgan is overrated and you have a 2x4 in your hand

"Trap beats are the future of country music"

Chris Farley being an Americana songwriter's muse

When the kids on your bus keep singing "Old Town Road"

Did you hear Chris Knight will have a new album this fall?

When Lynyrd Skynrd's farewell tour is over...

When the radio station plays Cody Johnson... then follows it up with Thomas Rhett

Apr 30, 2019

Country TwitterFAIL: April '19

*Language warning*

Apr 25, 2019

Parks and Rec Country Reaction Gifs 2

Why are you a Florida-Georgia Line fan?

Waiting on a new Chris Knight album like... 

Can we call a moratorium on EDM country songs until we get this shit all sorted out?

When you read a bunch of tweets about Lil Nas X

Why won't you just let country radio do their thing and just promote the music you like?

What is Nashville known for these days? 

When you find out Jerry is a huge Dustin Lynch fan

When your step kids want to listen to Mitchell Tenpenny on the way to school

Apr 19, 2019

Superstore Country Reaction Gifs

Actual footage of Jason Aldean proposing

Cliché #1 in every Kane Brown fan's repertoire

When the ACM Awards went off

When you observe a FGL fan at the register trying to figure out whether to buy the cigarettes or the baby food when they don't have enough money for both 

You don't like Tyler Childers?

Me, when somebody whose opinion I usually agree with says Luke Bryan's "Knockin' Boots" is pretty good

What mainstream country station managers heard when somebody mentioned Lil Nas X being on the charts

When Dina's showing a Mitchell Tenpenny video in the break room

Apr 11, 2019

Bad News Bears Country Reaction Gifs

A young Tyler Hubbard in his element

The look on my face when listening to a Kane Brown fan

When you hear Earl Thomas Conley died

A young... never mind - insert your own joke here

Mitchell Tenpenny sucks!!
A bunch of music writers trying to define country music

A young Eddie Montgomery

If I think "Old Town Road" isn't country, I'm racist??


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