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Aug 26, 2016

Andy Griffith Show Country Reaction Gifs

When your neighbor won't stop playing 
Cole Swindell at a high volume

Hey Barney, can you do your hair like Chase Bryant's?

Waking up the morning after a Lucero concert like...

Dan + Shay is your guilty pleasure? 
I wouldn't have told that.

Overhearing your girl say she just pretends 
to like Cody Jinks because you do

When some old fart says they don't 
make good country music anymore

When you shouldn't have tried 
the 'shrooms at the bluegrass festival

Apr 1, 2015

Little Known Facts: April 2015

 Jason Aldean's wedding party featured a who's who of Nashville scum and American Idol rejects.

The truth behind the breakup of Fifth on the Floor is that bass player Jason Parsons 
is a finalist for the possible upcoming mission to Mars.

Chase Rice's next album will have more Elegance, Dignity, and Majesty. 
Those are his favorite Crazy Horse strippers, and they will be providing backing vocals.

The Grand Ole Opry recently invited Sam Hunt to perform but he declined because he had never heard of the venue.

Indiana's new religious freedom act was originally designed to keep out Little Big Town, 
but a typo created discrimination against the LGBT community.

Florida-Georgia Line follows Farce The Music on Twitter due to the frequent mentions
they receive on the account. If they add a third member who can read, they will block us.

Chase Bryant ended the crowd surfing portion of his set after the February incident 
in which he put out a fan's eye with his hair.

Marilyn Manson ended his relationship with Evan Rachel Wood upon 
discovering it was actually Shooter Jennings in drag.

Luke Bryan's stage clothes all come from Once Upon A Child.

Brantley Gilbert finally had a test come back with nothing on it. 
Unfortunately for him, it was for his GED.

Confusing RaeLynn and Raelyn Nelson in front of Willie Nelson is the quickest way 
to see The Redheaded Stranger's black belt skills.

After Keith Urban wore a Sturgill Simpson shirt on American Idol, 
Sturgill returned the favor by eating some Australian mushrooms in private.

Almost all of these by Jeremy Harris

Feb 13, 2015


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