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Apr 16, 2020

Top 10 Things Hick-Hop Fans Are Doing With Their Stimulus Checks


10. Bailing out Uncle Buddyroe after he got a in a fight at Walmart over social distancing

9. Digging hole, dropping check in hole, filling hole

8. Framing it because they think that’s a real Donald Trump autograph

7. Financing their friend who just got out of prison for arson’s hick-hop album

6. Paying cousin Ernie to finish the job on Carole Baskin.

5. Laundering it like they heard about - but finding out that the washer takes the ink off the check

3. Down payment on some teeth

2. Donating to Kyle Larson’s Go Fund Me

1. Trying out this new-fangled ‘toilet paper’ everybody is raving about

Mar 29, 2017

WWE Country Reaction Gifs 21: Strait, Isbell, Jinks

When you turn on the ACMs and see The Backstreet Boys

 You married a Florida-Georgia Line fan??

When a drunk passes out on the merch table

Still more country than Luke Bryan...

Cody Jinks is coming to town?

How to feel about new Isbell music

 When the future President of the United States says
Toby Keith is better than George Strait


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